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About Me

Hello, I’m Adrian G., a passionate designer and book maker of scoresheets and log books for board games.

My fascination with board games and sports inspired me to research how record sheets made of pen and paper can enhance the gaming experience. As a result, I want to create books for record sheets that are intuitive to use and agreeable so that players can precisely track their successes and challenges.

My design approach prioritizes both usefulness and a pleasant sheet presentation. I try hard to make designs that are clear, easy to use, and easy to understand while keeping the spirit and excitement of each game. I really believe that good design can significantly enhance the playing experience.

Knowing a bit about old-school board games and current sports, I use apps and online sites to make logbooks that fit each game.

My challenge is seeing how my designs enrich the gaming experience and promote social interaction.

I hope to continue to create good designs that inspire gamers of all ages.